gosia maria jagiello | artist

- 2016

- multimedia installation




“A traveller may lie with authority”


We believed that the network would make connections between many antipodes. Instead, we discovered that it invites people to move more, to migrate, to walk through the global mesh without stopping. Consequently, individual locations, and not nations, have become focal points.


The artist project BEST W. A. L. L. Web Around Legendary Landscapes, conceived by no_sense. collective, proposes a reinterpretation of the concept of walking, understood as roaming/wandering aimlessly toward legendary places.

But how to reach them?


Using the services of an impossible travel agency: BEST W. A. L. L. Around Web Legendary Landscapes Within each trip, the reality, the unknown and the imagination blend together. An error can lead to a great discovery, impossible/dreamed destinations can generate new realities.


Project in collaboration with Michelangelo Zoppini