gosia maria jagiello | artist

- 2017-2018 

- installation (project)


“A place to rest “


As in physics, the void doesn’t exists but is something that you obtain. “Emptiness is the most difficult solution to the problem of transforming space. The emptiness is achieved, it is the result of a spatial emptying. This gives it its energy, created by the sculptor. It is the presence of a formal absence (…) It is the result of a treatment or a definition of space that, through its formal emptying, receives its energy. An emptied space must not be confused with an empty space.”

The project is conceived to be realised inside a vast space as a museum, where massive, geometric forms of various dimensions occupy mostly of the available area, imposing to the audience to walk across them. Every exemplary is rectangular, grey and has surface of a specific material: viscoelastic polyurethane foam, or more commonly known as memory-foam. The visitor is not supposed to observe them passively, but it’s required him or her to interact, to play with them. As the exterior is touched, an imprint is left, the material changes its aspect and shows the new mark: a hand, the face or the full body of the visitor, who its presence becomes an essential component to the installation. The public is free to act as he or her wants: they can sit or lie down on the top, they can climb or run around them. The passive must turn in active.

But as soon as the person moves, the left sign slowly disappears and then, at the end of the day, it looks like nobody was there: the mark that captured the presence of the visitor reveals itself as an ephemeral sign, something immaterial, insubstantial, a presence become an absence. Day by day, even if the surfaces look the same, something happened: a passage modified for a moment the scenario, turning the null in existence and then, again, in a place full of empty auctions.

An unmaintained promise behaves in the this way, as a gesture that suppose to bring about change but doesn’t. Promises are never definitive like the mark on the memory-foam, they are a prelude to a fact that even if it takes place, it doesn’t necessary lead to a modification of the status quo. 

But consequences haven’t been seen negatively. Void can be a frightening place that creates anguish and uncertainty, but like an empty mind after a deep breath, even the emptiness is an exhalation that liberates body and soul from a place with unnecessary, useless objects. The empty space is a place of clarity, of reflection, of rest